About RADical Hope

Our Journey

Pam and Phil Martin established RADical Hope in honor of their son, Chris, who died by suicide in the Fall of 2017. Like many young people today, Chris experienced periods of profound emotional isolation and lacked the proper opportunities to express his struggles. Chris’s experience is at the core of the RADical Hope mission. We develop, identify and partner with frontline engagement programs that deliver on our mission priorities: Connectivity, Engagement, Empowerment. RADical Hope is committed to improving the lives and futures of young adults by strengthening connections and building resilience.

RADical Hope - Image of Pam and Phil Martin, co-founders of RADical Hope.

“Our mission is to break the grip of emotional isolation that is killing our young people. We do this by expanding and delivering measurable, science-based programs that fill critical gaps and equip America’s youth with the skills they need to thrive.”

-Pam Martin, RADical Hope Co-Founder

Our Board of Directors

Pam Martin Co-Founder & President
Phil Martin Co-Founder & Treasurer
Larry Bossidy Honorary Chairman
Paul Bossidy Vice Chairman
Liz Feld Chief Executive Officer & President
Ken Langone Member
Geoffrey Ling, MD, PhD, Col. (Ret.) Member

Our Team

Kelly Seaver Senior Director of Programs & Partnerships
MacKenzie Kelly Director of Programs
Sam Hunter Director of Programs
Lauren Shadid Director of Operations & Administration
Georgia Suter Director of Communications

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