Rob Thomas and Matchbox Twenty Choose RADical Hope as Charitable Partner

Rob Thomas and Matchbox Twenty have chosen RADical Hope as a charitable partner for the band’s first ever non-fungible token (NFT) auction. Proceeds will also go to The Trevor Project.

The auction of the multimedia, NFT token experience of Matchbox Twenty’s hit song “Unwell” drops Thursday, April 1st at 8:20 EST on

There will be a simultaneous live conversation on Clubhouse with Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas, Liz Feld of RADical Hope, hosted by Jin Woo Yu aka WOLF x LION in the TALK NERDY TO ME club.  Larry Bossidy, Honorary Chairman of the Board of RADical Hope, will join the Clubhouse conversation.  To be a part of the conversation:

  1. Use iOS device (iPhone or iPad)
  2. Download the Clubhouse App
  3. Wait for your invitation to be accepted
  4. For questions, contact RADical Hope

“Today, with social media, the message behind ‘Unwell’ is more prevalent than it’s ever been. This reimagination of the song updates that message that everybody you’re looking at feels just as weird as you feel. Nobody feels comfortable in their own skin. NFTs are the missing link that I think a lot of artists feel was missing. You breathe your heart and soul into a song and thanks to digital communications, you can reach 100s of millions of people, but the trade-off is that your art is now owned by everyone and by no one – all at the same time.” – Rob Thomas

“For nearly twenty years, millions of listeners have identified with the message of ‘Unwell’. This gift from Matchbox Twenty to RADical Hope will support our mission to break the grip of emotional and social isolation that is hurting so many young people today. We are so grateful.” – Liz Feld, CEO

The “Unwell” multimedia NFT includes:

  • Non-commercial Licensing rights to the 27 second “Unwell” 1 of 1 multimedia experience;
  • Non-commercial Licensing rights to High-Res digital images of the two original lyrics sheets, and 
  • The Rob Thomas signed proof of NFT as seen at the end of the “Unwell” NFT sheet of paper that Rob Thomas signs at the end of the video.

Matchbox Twenty partnered with DFND, a creative agency and technology company, to deliver the “Unwell” NFT. The auction will take place until Monday, April 5th, 2021 at 8:20pm EST. 

Read Matchbox Twenty’s announcement HERE.