NACE 2022 Career Services Excellence Award

In collaboration with New York University (NYU) and the Wasserman Career Center, RADical Health’s “Career Accelerator” certification program was recognized with the 2022 Career Services Excellence Award from NACE, the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

RADical Hope encourages each school partner to build on RADical Health programming with its own campus resources and activities. NYU incorporated “career readiness skills” into the RADical Health first year experience which resulted in a “Career Accelerator” certificate for students. Over 350 students completed career assignments each week and earned a certificate upon completion of the course. When surveyed, 90% of student participants agreed that the activities made them think about their career development or path beyond NYU.

NACE connects over 13,700 career services and university relations and recruiting professionals, as well as the business solution providers that serve the community. The NACE Awards honor members’ outstanding achievements in the career services and HR/staffing professions. We are incredibly proud to be acknowledged for our collaboration with NYU and look forward to launching RADical Health at more than 25 schools this fall.