Aaron Taylor, Super Bowl Champion and Mental Health Advocate, Partners with Radical Hope to Address Pace University Student Body

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New York, NY – April 24th 2023  RADical Hope, whose mission is to improve the lives and futures of young adults by strengthening connections and building resilience, and Pace University, will host a special event for the school’s student-athletes on April 24th 2023. Aaron Taylor, CBS college sports analyst, Super Bowl champion and mental health advocate, will be the featured guest at the town hall forum. 


Taylor will be delivering an inspirational talk to the student body and faculty of Pace University around mental and emotional well-being with a focus on the importance of community, teamwork, and resilience. Taylor, who now serves as a college football broadcaster after a successful career playing for the Green Bay Packers and San Diego Chargers, will draw from his own life experiences to impart insights around the importance of self-empowerment and peer connections for managing stress and overcoming challenges.


Pace University partnered with RADical Hope in the Fall of 2021 to offer its student body Radical Hope’s four week, skill-based emotional learning program called RADical Health. By the spring of 2023, 430 Pace students will have completed the cutting-edge wellness experience which explores topics including self-care, stress management, active listening, emotional regulation, and informed decision-making.The program was developed by a team of students, behavioral health specialists, adolescent psychologists, academic leaders and administrators, and centers around peer-led discussion groups. To date, over 30 colleges and universities across the U.S. have partnered with RADical Hope to implement its evidence-based wellness program.The organization funds all costs associated with running the program for every partner.


“We’re grateful to partner with RADical Hope and bring Aaron to our campus to speak with our student body around the important topic of mental well-being. As a former professional athlete, Aaron is uniquely positioned to connect with our students around the importance of teamwork and peer connection for managing stress, and why prioritizing emotional well-being as much as physical is key to thriving on and off the field,” said Mark Brown, Director of Athletics at Pace University.


“Over the last two years, we have partnered with Pace University to support the mental, physical and emotional well being of hundreds of their students. We are committed to empowering young adults with skills and resources to strengthen connections and build resilience so they are equipped to cope before they reach a crisis point,” said Liz Feld, CEO of RADical Hope. “Through this featured event with Aaron Taylor, we will extend this support to the University’s student-athletes. Student-athletes across the country continue to report elevated rates of mental exhaustion, anxiety and depression that are two times higher than identified before the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to carrying a full academic course load, a collegiate athlete faces performance pressure, time management stresses and challenges of feeling isolated from the rest of the school community.  Our program work gets to the heart of these issues and we’ll address these during our special forum on campus.”


RADical Hope

RADical Hope is committed to improving the lives and futures of young adults by strengthening connections and building resilience. The non-profit organization is addressing the youth mental health crisis by developing, funding and scaling evidence-based programs that focus on 5 core pillars: connectivity, engagement, emotional Intelligence, empowerment and sustainability. Learn more at www.radicalhopefoundation.org.


Pace University

Pace University is a private university with its main campus in New York City and secondary campuses in Westchester County, New York. Pace provides to its undergraduates a powerful combination of knowledge in the professions, real-world experience, and a rigorous liberal arts curriculum, giving them the skills and habits of mind to realize their full potential.

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About Aaron Taylor

Aaron Taylor is a CBS Sports football analyst, Super Bowl Champion, and College Football Hall of Famer who is passionate about teamwork, resilience, and human transformation.