Statement From RADical Hope CEO Liz Feld On A.J. Brown Mental Health Statements

“A. J. Brown is a leader on the field and off. His powerful public statements about mental health challenges will resonate with Americans coast-to-coast, particularly among young people who have struggled – or are suffering now – from feelings of anxiety, isolation and hopelessness.”

“Mr. Brown has a message for all of us: ‘You have to take care of your brain just like you take care of your body.’ Smart, relatable observations like this go far toward breaking down stubborn, old stigmas that prevent too many from seeking help when they need it. RADical Hope is grateful to Mr. Brown for raising his voice about such a deeply personal experience.”


RADical Hope’s rapidly expanding youth mental wellness initiative will be operating on more than a dozen U.S. college campuses by the end of this academic year. The turn-key, free-of-charge program provides students with practical life skills designed to help them meet life’s challenges before they reach a crisis level. RADical Hope was founded by Pam and Phil Martin following the 2017 suicide of their son, Chris Martin, during his junior year at Gonzaga University. The Foundation is committed to addressing America’s youth mental health crisis by building resilience in young lives.